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About Me

Jill has been involved in the wellness field since 1992 when she graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise & Sports Science. At a young age Jill recognized the importance of personal wellness and its connection to living an independent life. Growing up Jill spent countless hours at the local senior center where her mom, who while she suffered from MS was also avid volunteer. Through her involvement at the senior center as well as walking alongside her mom while she battled MS Jill saw firsthand the value of people having their independence and how much it affected them when it was taken away. This recognition led Jill to find her passion in helping people improve their health and wellbeing through education and living an active lifestyle. These are the same principles which Jill learned in school and has been applying to people of all ages, health status and abilities for the past 28 years.


Jill puts her focus on proper nutrition and exercise routines by offering personal wellness and fitness training to help her clients achieve their goals. Her passion and background in wellness has also led her to become a certified instructor in CPR, First Aid and AED. These certifications allow her to visit offices, schools, and gyms to properly train staff and team members to save a life.

 - Certified Health Coach - ACE - American Council on Exercise  

 - CPR/First Aid/AED Instructor - American Red Cross & ECSI

- Lay Responder and Healthcare Provider  

 - Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Kansas Board EMS/National Registry

 - Personal Trainer - ACE - American Council on Exercise    

 - Balance Specialist - Zibrio

Jill Cornine

JC Wellness LLC



"Redefining Your Health One Day at a Time"

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