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Workplace Responder

CPR/AED/FA - Adult & Pediatric - includes choking   

Is your staff prepared in case of an emergency?

Do they feel confident in their skills?

- Preschools/Daycare

- Corporate Safety Teams

- Personal Trainers

- General Public

- Scout Leaders

Participant-Manikin ratio is 1:1 to ensure comprehension and confidence in the skills.

Convenient On-Site Certification

No more 4-hour classes.

We can come to your location during the workday/evening or participate in a scheduled class or at another location.

We keep track of your certifications and expiration dates.

Certificates of completion are valid for 2 years and digitally issued - easy for record keeping.

Digital refreshers available any time.

This course meets OSHA requirements.

More Testimonials

"Hi Jill! Well, today you are my hero! One of our 5 year-olds had a big seizure today during lunch. The teachers looked over and saw her slumped in her seat and thought she was choking. Immediately I heard your voice saying, “Assess the situation, check for pulse, check for breath, call 911…..” As I took her from them I could tell she was breathing, but convulsing. Thinking back through your training kept me calm and controlled. Our little friend is now fine. Thanks for the amazing training you gave my staff. We were all able to do exactly what we were supposed to do. Your calm, caring demeanor in teaching carries over to your students in a true emergency!"

Michele, Director - Colonial CDC Preschool, Overland Park, KS 

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